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Just to give you some info about our programs, we start at age 3 and our oldest student is about to turn 73. Many parents do this with their children and find it is a great bonding family activity. Our founder and chief instructor has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Recreational Therapy. He also worked in a psychiatric facility where he had hundreds of real life encounters. He designed our programs to teach not just functional self defense, but also to instill a strong work ethic, teach self discipline and impulse control, inspire goal oriented successes and develop confidence. This way our students have a better chance of success in life, no matter what their endeavors or challenges are.

Interested in our schedule? We offer classes 6 days per week and have multiple classes per day for most age groups and skill levels.

People ask us about the cost a lot, but that’s a tough number to pin down without an evaluation. You see, we have 4 different programs and each of those has 4 different pricing options. We don’t know what your cost will be yet because we don’t know the program that will be best for you or your child. To determine which program will help the student reach their goals, we offer a $49 Starter Program which includes a tour of our dojo, a private lesson, two weeks of group classes and an official uniform, so you can get a genuine feel for how we do things. We can schedule that first private lesson at 6:30 PM or 7:00 PM Monday through Thursday. You can purchase the trial online, and if you do, you can then schedule your own first private lesson. The first visit includes that tour of our facility and that private lesson. It takes about 30 minutes total. Click the link here to purchase the trial and schedule your first private lesson: 

If you prefer, you can call us, we can schedule your private lesson and you can pay when you get here. If you just want to see our studio and classes, you are welcome to do so at no cost, just call first so we can make sure you are viewing a class that will be relevant to you.

It’s not always going to be fun or easy, so we tell the parents, if the results are important to them, then they should make a decision about this training for their child and stick with it through the tough spots. There is so much to be learned from working through the tough spots and nothing to be learned from quitting.

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