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Ancient Ways offers a unique Adult Martial Arts class that can help anyone square their shoulders, become confident and go out into a world a leader.

Our Adult Martial Arts classes are taught by professional and highly-trained instructors that will make you work hard, learn the techniques and become confident in your abilities.

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  • Celtic Martial Arts

The method that Master Brown teaches is not an ancient martial art, but a modern one that he and others have designed based on theories of ancient techniques, ancient customs and on the ancient principle of Battle Field Logic, as well as what has been handed down to him from his forefathers. He can trace his lineage back to 650 AD in Strom, Scotland. In the way that Tae Kwon Do is similar to what was practiced by the Hwarang Warriors, in the way that modern Jujitsu is similar to the empty hand practices of the Japanese Samurai, in the way that modern fencing is similar to the sword fighting of the Elizabethan period, Fianna is akin to what was practiced by the Ancient Celts. They are all loose associations, but still valid and respected.

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  • Tae Kwon Do

A relatively young martial art based on fighting techniques of the warriors of Korea. Much of Tae Kwon Do's techniques have been influenced by their interaction with the Japanes martial arts during the Japanese occupation of Korea prior to World War II. Tae means literally "to kick," Kwon means "to punch" and Do is "the way." It doesn't actually translate to "the way of punching and kicking," instead the word Do is used to refer to a path of affective growth, or enlightenment. So it really means, "The Kicking and Punching Way to Enlightenment."

  • Hapkido

A relatively young martial art based on techniques taught in Korea. Hapkido was also influenced by the Japanese and is similar, although more pragmatic, to Aikido. Hapkido includes some kicks and punches but is an art based more in grappling and throwing techniques.

Hapkido can be translated as either:

    • The way of coordinated power, or
    • The way of strength and Harmony.

Again the Do is really related to the affective growth that occurs within students of many martial arts.

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