Graduation Prep

Heads up, Belt Graduation is coming up soon. (Not Wee Warriors) December 13th and 14th will be here before you know it. Don’t feel ready or just want to polish things a bit? No problem. Also, go ahead and pay your Graduation Fee online here:

Option 1. Our Test Prep class is December 7th from 7 until 8 PM. We will have instructors here for each belt group to guide you through the whole test experience. The instructors will help you identify what you need to improve and give you specific drills to work on to help you. It’s like custom made training for only $20.

Purchase the Test Prep Class here:

Option 2. We have some awesome Holiday prices on our Private Lesson Packages. Normally a private lesson with Master Brown is $130 per hour, but our special sells them in half hour increments for just $50 if you only want one, but the prices go way down if you buy multiples! A great holiday gift, especially for Red Seniors who need the private lessons the most.

If you think you are ready for graduation, that’s AWESOME, that means you did your work and got everything ready in time! Go ahead and mark the calendar, invite your friends and family, get your INTENT TO PROMOTE FORM completed and back to us, and get your test paper from the front desk. You can pay your Graduation fee online here:
Beginners: December 13th from 5-6:30 PM Intermediates: December 13th from 6:30-8 PM
Advanced: December 14th from 5-6:30 PM Red Seniors: December 14th from 6:30-8 PM

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