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I taught a really high energy adult class the other night, like most nights. It is not uncommon for people to come to me afterwards and thank me, as well as compliment me on the great class. I am always honored by their kindness and am grateful to them. Many people just kind of stick around after class, like they don’t want to leave, which is fine. Some use the after class time to practice on their own or together. Some visit and chat with each other and it isn’t uncommon for me to leave and still see people, standing in the parking lot, having long conversations. Some people take a moment each night to see if there is anything new in our library. Some just sit and relax. This is their dojo, their place. I’ve always enjoyed the time after class listening to students and getting to know them better. The conversations are always fascinating and I love how every single one of the people who trains, has a story to tell.

Looking through class, we have married couples, there are parents with their teenage or even grown kids, close friends who love their training together and in general just a bunch of amazing people. In the end, they are all working to do the same thing, to improve themselves as a person. That unifying endeavor makes all these people, from all walks of life, a fellowship of sorts. During class, I always tell stories or anecdotes to illustrate how to take our training from the dojo to our lives outside. Some are really old stories, some are new. This week I’ve been sharing from Napoleon Hill’s stories from “Think and Grow Rich.”
Awesome stories to illustrate how close we all are to actually succeeding and how it’s important to be determined and dedicated. It is truly a warrior’s book.

One fairly new student stayed until everyone left the other night. I don’t really know him very well yet, but he appears to be an easy going 30 something year old, always has a smile on his face and has some really great developing technique. I commented to him that I’m pleasantly surprised at how quickly he is learning as I gave him a test paper, graduation is next week and he will be earning his Yellow Belt. As he was getting everything together to leave, he started talking, letting it pour out. He revealed that he has really struggled in his life, with loneliness, despair, struggling to find work, to find purpose. He said that some days, he just curls up on the floor in a little ball as it all just overwhelms him. “But all of that has changed since I started here,” he said. “I still have my down moments, but when I do, I just imagine you are there, Master Brown, telling me I can do it, that I can do anything, and that I just have to get up, and keep trying. So I do.”

I will recommend a good therapist for him, I don’t do that work anymore, but I wanted to share this with you, specifically you. We all feel overwhelmed sometimes. No one is immune. Do yourself and everyone you meet a favor and greet them with a smile and a kind word. Listen to people - if you can get them to talk. Be there for your loved ones when they need you. It may be all they need to pull them up, and save them from despair, and possibly save them from taking that next step.

If you need it, our dojo is here for you too, yes you, specifically you.

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