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$22.84 per week for Martial Arts Training.
Some years ago, I had one lady at an elementary school’s back to school night stop to tell me she had heard great things about our school, but that she couldn’t afford it.

Now, we hear this a lot and it’s funny to me the stuff people will pay outrageous amounts of money on, but won’t spend a measly $22.84 per week to give their children …

Self defense skills to protect themselves no matter where they go in life
A higher level of physical fitness and an awareness of how to stay fit and eat right
Lifelong confidence that will show in everything they do, from school, relationships to career
The concentration and focus to make school and work easier
A dedicated mentor that will guide them to adopt the virtues we all want
The perseverance and commitment to find a solution to problems instead of just quitting
The goal setting skills to accomplish much more than any of their peers
The fortitude to constantly seek improvement in themselves, instead of settling for being mediocre
The bravery to battle oppression in any form, from spouse, co-worker, boss or otherwise
To be around the “right” peers who are success focused and driven to excellence
To be encouraged using positive reinforcement, right actions and motivating words
To develop a self worth that will never be deterred by bully or abuse
To create a mentoring mindset so they learn to guide and lead in their community

All of that, for $22.84 per week. I asked this lady if she knew what our program cost. Some people tell us we are too expensive, and then admit they have no idea what it costs. This particular lady had a Starbucks cup in her hand and smelled of cigarettes which I’m sure aren’t cheap. “I heard you were $150 per week,” she replied. When I asked who told her this, she said it was the owner of another martial arts school.

When I told her we had a program that only cost $22.84 per week, she signed her daughter up. Later she signed up herself. Over the course of time, we were able to give the woman the encouragement and inner strength to quit smoking and eventually the courage to get herself and her daughter out of their abusive situation.
Today they have benefitted greatly from their training. She admitted to me years later, she just had no idea how impacting this was going to be, and that if it cost three times more, she would have found a way to pay for it, knowing what she knows now.

Are you going to let $22.84 stand between you or your child and this amazing training? Cut out the Starbucks, the dinner out, the smoking, the drinking and do the right thing for your child. I know children and I know yours love you. They love you so much, that if the roles were reversed, they would do it for you.

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