Becoming an expert.

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Building Expertise

Becoming an expert at something is the same, no matter what the activity is. There are four primary levels of learning how to do something. The first level is called…

Unconscious Incompetence

To the uninitiated this almost sounds like an insult, but all it really means is, you don’t know what you don’t know. At this stage, you have never seen a karate move before, touched the piano or heard Spanish spoken. You don’t know that you don’t know the subject matter. Going from here to stage two is very easy. It’s just a matter of being introduced to the subject matter. It’s called…

Conscious Incompetence

At this level, we’ve been introduced to our first Karate class, had our first piano lesson or began our study of Spanish. This can be a very exciting time for the pupil as new information is coming to us rapidly. There are some people who get stuck on this stage. They have massive amounts of book knowledge and can become experts about a particular subject, even if they aren’t an expert in the subject. You can watch all the videos and read all the books you want, but there is one thing that is required for progress to level three, action.

Conscious Competence

At this stage, things become much more interesting. You can finally do some basic Karate, you can play the Piano, speak Spanish and ride the bike. Because this is a very satisfying stage, many people stop here and never go on to expertise. Think of this stage as being competent but requiring thought and effort to perform the skill. So, to become an expert, we have one thing we must do…Embrace Repetition.

Repetition isn’t enough, you must EMBRACE the REPETITION. It can’t just be repeated, it has to be repeated for the love of developing the skill, for the love of the repetition itself. Doing so will move you to…

Unconscious Competence

This is MASTERY! You are a Black Belt, Tennis Pro, completely fluent in Spanish and you can now race in the Tour de France. At this point, you make it look easy to perform the skill. You have to keep performing the skill or it can atrophy, but once this level is achieved, you’ll never really forget it.

No matter what skill you want to develop, there are several talents you have to improve. For instance as a Black Belt, you increased you balance, stamina, strength, timing as well as the skill of the martial art itself. In the end, becoming an expert requires focusing your will on the skill, taking action and then, embrace repetition of that action.


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