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Parents, do you want a guarantee that your kid will earn a Black Belt and learn perseverance along the way? Perseverance by the way, is the one thing all successful people claim is required to really make it in life, over talent, education and luck. Want this for your child? Then read on...

In my observations of teaching for the past 35 years, I can say I’ve seen the different levels and types of parent and family support and how each works. It boils down to about 4 different levels.

Level One is when a student has a parent training with them. When the parent trains too, there is a 100% guarantee that child will make Black Belt. When their support team puts that level of importance on it, the child will too.

Level Two is when a student has parents who sit in the audience area and gives them supporting smiles and the occasional thumbs up, that child is 100% going to make Black Belt. That support team shows how important this is by just being here, so he will put that level of importance on it too. Even if they are there only occasionally, it makes a difference. Some kids say they don’t want their parents to watch, but speaking as a therapist, I can tell you that their subconscious actually loves the support.

Level Three is when a student is dropped off while the parents go do “more important things,” or even sit in the car, they are sending a clear message to their child of how little value they put on the child and this training. Sometimes for these students, the love and positive reinforcement from the instructor is enough to get them to Black Belt, but it is seldom, I’d say 10% of the time at best.

Level Four is when a student has parents who sit in the audience area and they try to coach from the sidelines, berating the child and being critical after class and sometimes even during class, they are 100% guaranteeing their child will hate martial arts and want to quit. These kids will seldom make Black Belt. The love and positive reinforcement of the instructors can’t compete with this negative influence. Parents need to be their support team, and let the instructors do what they are here to do. At times it may seem like we aren’t pushing your child as much as you would, but there is a method to how we do things and we know a few things you might not. How many people have you promoted to Black Belt? Me? Hundreds. Trust us; it’s why you hired us.

Be here for your kids, or better yet, do this with them. I see parents drop off their kids and then go to the gym. They come back looking bored and like they didn’t break a sweat, but their child is dripping wet and smiling. Perhaps the gym is not the best choice for you, it’s definitely sending a message to your child that may not be what you intend. Do this with them and have this connection with them, a connection you will have to talk about for the rest of your lives.

Support them and help them learn what it really means to persevere and succeed.

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