Climbing Everest

 in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy

I have a friend who climbed Mount Everest. When I first met him, I told him I was really impressed and that it must have been an amazing experience. I told him that I could only imagine that it must be an incredible view from the top of the world. 
He said,” Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing, and looking back, I’m glad I did it, but at the time I was so intent on just not dying, that I didn’t really have time to appreciate it. At the time, I hated every moment of it and just focused on making one more step. And to be honest, every single step, I was just fighting not to give up and quit.”

He spoke about all the people who helped him get to the top. From the different crews at the base camps, the guides, the Sherpas and even the other climbers and how they coaxed each other along. He said that the biggest support that got him through each tough spot was his family at home. He didn’t want to disappoint them and knew that, even though they would love him either way, that they were excited for him to accomplish this amazing feat and that they were telling all their friends about it.

“I wept when it was over,” he said. “Because I knew I earned this, but it wasn’t just me making this accomplishment, it was everyone who loved and supported me too.”

Earning a Black Belt is a difficult, challenging 4+ year journey. Like climbing Everest, it requires intense preparation and training. It requires a team of people to train and guide you, and support comes from fellow students too. But the most important support comes from home. From the people who love you. They can be proud of the job they did too, becasue this is their accomplishment as much as yours.

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