To that lady, who thought we took this too seriously, or that we are just like the cheaper schools.

 in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy

Last week I had someone insinuate that what we did wasn't nearly as important as we thought it was, that this is just some fun activity for kids to do. *sigh*


To that lady, here's a concept, maybe, someone in the world, maybe even me, knows something you don't know. Maybe, just maybe in my 35 years of instructing martial arts, I've seen this change people's lives for the better...a lot! Maybe the 300+ students who train with us aren't idiots as you insinuated, and maybe they too know something you might not know, maybe they know that this is one of the best things you can do for your child and maybe even for yourself. It's not a sales pitch, we are not trying to bamboozle you, we truly know how this changes lives, we see it every single day. We also know that if you don't put importance on the training, that it probably will just be some temporarily fun activity for your kid and nothing more. So in that case, thanks for identifying yourself and not signing up. Keep your kid bouncing from temporarily fun activity to another until they are grown and have no idea how commitment works, how to discipline themselves, to have a strong work ethic and to persevere through life's tough spots. 
Sure I sound arrogant but maybe, just maybe you have encountered true self confidence (and honesty) so little in your life that you have mistaken it for arrogance (and lies) and maybe you should instead, trust these people and do this too.


Sorry for the sarcasm, but when someone is that disrespectful, especially towards my students, people who KNOW how awesome this training is for them, I can't help but feel a little defensive. This is my life's work and I don't do it for the money. If I did I'd have an after-school program and video games in my studio instead of a library. I'd teach easy, junk martial arts that builds a false sense of confidence, because that's the easy way, the lucrative way to bilk unsuspecting parents from their hard earned money. Instead we go to an extreme level to teach practical martial arts that builds a real sense of confidence. 
If you are not a martial artist and you are reading this, let me just say, give this a chance, it's not a sport, or the gym, or scouts. All of those things have their place, but having watched for 35 years as therapists and teachers, counselors, scout leaders, coaches and parents swear by us, I can say, without a doubt, that this is one of the most positively impacting things you can do, for yourself or your family, provided you put importance on it and embrace the training.

It's not just kicking and punching, but a pathway towards self awareness and permanent self improvement.

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