Adult, Middle Aged and Seniors

Bradenton Area adults. 
IT'S THE LAW: An object in motion stays in motion...

Want to stay feeling young? It's easy, just get in motion and STAY in motion. With a high percentage of our 300 students being over 45, we know how to deal with the progression of time. Our oldest student, Jesse Davis is 72 and testing for his Black Belt this December. He knows how important this is.

We focus not on what the kids are doing, or what we once could do, but instead celebrate what we are still able to do, which is A LOT! Our curriculum is metered to match the abilities and limitations of each student and our instructors are highly trained to be able to make necessary adjustments that are going to work FOR YOU.

The best parts...
1. No one is going to judge you here. 
2. You really CAN do this, no matter what limitations you think will keep you from doing it. 
3. This is REALLY fun!

Try today, our no obligation, $49 trial includes a comfortable private lesson, to make your first experience here easier, then you get 4 weeks of regular classes with our 50 something year old head instructor to get a genuine feel for our classes, and you get a FREE uniform.

Call (941) 756-0800 to schedule your private lesson. Or click this link and fill out the web form to purchase your trial online:

We will see YOU, IN MOTION!

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