Harry and Friends Black Belt Principles September Theme Preview

Ancient Ways Wee Warrior Parents

We know you love the Harry and Friend's Black Belt Principles program as much as we do. Here is one of our very own parent's experience with Harry's positive influence:

"I was in the kitchen and it got quiet in the living room, too quiet. You now how that can be a bad thing when they are this age. So I went to the living room and he wasn't there. Nearly in a panic, I checked his room and he was in there putting away toys and picking up his things. I asked him what he was doing and he said, 'Harry said to clean my room, so I'm cleaning my room.' I've asked him to clean his room a hundred times, but a karate lizard asks one time and he does it. It's annoying, but I'll take it."

Our kids hear us, but often another adult telling them the same thing makes a stronger impact. We've found that a cartoon lizard does it even better. It takes a village to raise a child and this village has Harry helping us out.

Let your little ones check out this video of Harry as he tells us about September's theme: 


If your child has never seen it, here is the  full length video of Harry and his first Karate Class, let your little one watch this video, all they want.


And here is another full length video showing Harry prepare for his belt testing: 

If you have any questions about our process for developing great young martial artists or about Harry and Friends Black Belt Principles, don't hesitate to ask. 

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