However Long it Takes

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However long it takes

Some students asked me how long it took me to accomplish a thing. It was a particular move with the Kamas. I'm still not as good at the move as I'd like, but I'm better than many, but more than that, I'm better than I was yesterday. So, to answer their question, if you put a length of time on it, or a certain number of repetitions on it before you master any move, then if you don't master it in that time will you quit, or will you keep going?

Personally I'll do the move "however long it takes." There is no time frame, there is no set number of repetitions. For some people, it may take two repetitions to accomplish a move, for others, 500,000. So instead of setting your expectations on when you will get it, just do it, "however long it takes."

To expand on that, there is a snarky meme going around that says, "How long does it take the average person to achieve a Black Belt. The answer is: Average people don't achieve Black Belt."

Most people see us do our thing and say, "I can't do that," and never even try. Well no duh, that's why you go to class and learn how to do it. Then some people try it a bit and say "I'm not good at this," and they quit. The average person tries a new move (in any endeavor) 5-10 times before giving up and settling into their comfort zone of being mediocre. That is average. We are not average. We will do it "however long it takes."

80% of small businesses fail in the first 3 years. This is a stat used by several business sources. It isn't that the businesses fail, it's that they were being run by average people. They tried, it didn't succeed in their time frame so they quit. Those same business sources state that most of these businesses were 6 months to one year away from being successful. All they had to do was stick it out a little longer, "however long it takes."

Stop being average. Your path to success is to start being committed to yourself and your own excellence. Don't study, practice, workout, diet, train or learn for a set period of time. Commit to it and to yourself, "however long it takes."

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