Lee Middle School Awards

 in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy

Three of the 5 voted Outstanding Lee Middle School 8th grade boys are Ancient Ways students. They are all so humble, we had to find out through other parties. Out of seventy 8th grade students nominated as Outstanding, 10 finalists (5 girls & 5 boys) were recognized.

Aaron Thirion won the 2016-2017 Most Outstanding Student of the Year Award!!! He also won the Citizenship Award, Perfect Attendance and Teacher's Choice Award-TV Production.
Ryan Willey and Jordon Miller were finalists for Outstanding Student and also won the Citizenship Award! Jordon also won the Million Word Challenge. Jordon is a Black Belt, Ryan is soon to be a Black Belt and Aaron has been an amazing student of ours for about a year. We are bursting with pride for them.

Ryan’s mom had this to say: “As a parent, I am so pleased that:
1. My son is recognized as outstanding as I think he is 😉
2. He has chosen his friends wisely 
3. He is in an environment like Ancient Ways that promotes honorable character.”

She further added: “Thanks for being part of our "village" to help reinforce the character traits we are teaching at home. As his belt level gets more difficult, it has been a challenge to keep Ryan on task, but we are determined to help him achieve his black belt.”

Striving for Excellence, each and every day!

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