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Hubris is a very old word. We don’t use it much anymore. Most people don’t even know what it means. It is the opposite of humility. It’s a word that describes someone who thinks they are better than everyone else, an egotistical or self-centered individual.

Humility is an old word too and we don’t use it much anymore either, especially these days in the era of selfies and Facebook Live. When you ask children what humility means, they say, “it’s when you are embarrassed.” Um…no. Humility means to be modest, to be humble, to not think you are “all that.” And it may surprise some of today’s young people to know, humility is actually a virtue. It’s a good thing to keep your great accomplishments to yourself so you don’t showboat or insinuate that you are better than others. Humility shows you are a proper gentleman, or lady.

Here in Manatee county there was a school that was a part of a chain, who actually called themselves “America’s Best Martial Art.” I had to chuckle, they actually called themselves “the best,” as a part of name of their school. Martial artists are supposed to be modest, to practice humility. That school, by the way, is gone. There are other schools who do the same thing. I have to give them credit though, at least they haven’t made it a part of their name, yet.

At Ancient Ways, we don’t claim to be the best, we strive to do the best job we can, to train our students to be the best they can be and to teach great classes each and every day. We are constantly training ourselves in the latest child develop practices, advanced instructor training, as well as refining our operations and procedures. We sit down and craft each day’s lesson plan with care and concern towards how it will give the student’s the best possible experience that we can give them. 
We have won the Bradenton Herald’s People’s Choice award year after year. We have won the Macaroni Kids Golden Award year after year. We aren’t claiming to be the best, but apparently the community thinks we are. We are honored by that opinion and humbly thank you for voting for us. We will strive every day to live up to the expectations of our students and our community, as well as to instill the virtues, no matter how old or outdated they are.

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