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A while back, we had a family who moved to another state due to a career change. After a year, they moved back, they told us it was, in large part, because they weren’t happy with the choices of martial arts schools in their area (large metropolitan area with hundreds of schools) and they wanted to come back to Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy. Well of course, we were flabbergasted and honored to know that they moved back specifically to be here, at our school. We have students who drive from St. Petersburg, Tampa, Brandon (for 8 years now), Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Myakka City (an hour drive) and recently one who started commuting from Punta Gorda (easily over an hour away). Our biggest commute is a man who trains in Taekwondo in Ottawa, Canada during the summer months, but is astounded at how much he learns with us during his 4 months here every winter. I don’t think he really counts as a commuter though.

My wife told a lady about these commuters yesterday. The response was, “Why would someone do that just for martial arts training?” I suppose I can understand her shock, but it’s hard to not be a little insulted too. This is our life’s work. Does she think we do this to just make money, or provide an amusing pastime for our students, or just to offer a great workout? It’s just astounding to me that the general public is still, in 2017, predominantly unaware of what we do and how we do it. They think we teach people some kicks and punches. They may even have heard how we can help kids learn to focus, or how martial arts gives people confidence. They think they understand…but this lady just proves that they probably really don’t.

Imagine your next big hurdle in life. The one looming over you, making you think you can’t do it. It haunts you and keeps you up at night. Maybe you have a career move, a housing change a medical issue or the really scary ones, a personal relationship change. As martial artists, we don’t have those hurdles. Your hurdles are a step over a curb to us.

Imagine the challenges your child is going to face in the years to come. Let me list a few potential ones. Maybe they will face some bullying in school or in the workplace. Everyone experiences self loathing at some point in their lives, often daily. Depression is an ongoing and recurring issue in many people’s lives. Going to school, fitting in socially and getting good grades can put a tremendous amount of pressure on young people. How are they going to deal with the peer pressure to try drugs and other potentially damaging temptations? They have a future to look forward to where they grow older, find work, pay their rent or mortgage, deal with college and maybe student loans. How are they going to handle dating, falling into and out of love, or even having to deal with loving someone who knows only apathy towards them? Those are all major worries for most parents. To those of us with Black Belt kids, it’s barely even a concern. Those issues are not really all that challenging for our kids.

Martial Arts is in reality, a tool that helps us to develop internal personal power that allows us to rise above all those issues. It is literally like some type of magic thing for us to watch the changes in our students lives.

Multiple times in my career I’ve seen adult students gain the confidence to tell their abusive spouse, “I’m not going to let you talk to me like that anymore, I can make it on my own and I don’t know why I stayed with you for this long, goodbye!” 
 I’ve seen kids step up to their bully and say “I’m not sure why you keep calling me that, but it doesn’t bother me, it just shows that you have a big problem. Stop it or I’ll let the teacher know you are trying to fight me.” I’ve also seen kids cornered, fight back against the bully and win, but that’s not the end result we hope to see. We prefer to find non-violent solutions.

I’ve seen people break addictions. I’ve seen people have the strength to rebuild broken past relationships with family members. I’ve seen kids go from straight F’s to straight A’s. I’ve seen kids with no future, end up accomplishing amazing things. I’ve seen martial arts give adults the inner strength they needed to change careers or even alter the path of their career. I’ve seen single people become “ok” with being single and to stop feeling like they were damaged goods because they were single. I’ve seen married people gain the strength to become a better spouse and save their marriage. I’ve seen people get into better physical condition and learn to live healthier. I’ve also seen people use their training from our school to defend their lives in physical altercations that resulted in them being safe and secure and their attacker in jail.

Now, I’d love to say every martial arts school can provide this, and I think we all do, somewhat. But the fact that we have intelligent, rational people driving great distances, past dozens of other martial arts schools to train with us says a lot. Perhaps we are doing something a little different here at Ancient Ways. Perhaps martial arts training is a lot more than the general population realizes and maybe doing it at Ancient Ways is worth that extra effort that all of our students believe that it is.

Our $49 trial special lets you try our program for one month and includes a uniform. Your first class is a private lesson so you won’t feel uncomfortable. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Probably much more than your realize.

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