Is your drive to be great some day in the future hampered by your lack of motivation today?

People see us training in martial arts and say “I can’t do that.” What they mean is, “I know I should learn to do that, but I’m lazy, it will require some work and I don’t want to do it.” A politer way to say it might be, “My drive to be great someday in the future is hampered by my lack of motivation today.”

No one likes what they see in the mirror. Everyone wants to improve; with their education, their profession, their physical appearance and their ability level. Unfortunately this isn’t the Matrix and you can’t just download greatness. Today’s society is infected with the instant gratifiers more than ever before. We have fast food so we cook less. We have video on demand so we don’t even have to go rent a video. We have cell phones so we don’t have to wait to get home or use pay phones to call people any more. Many are entertained with video games that reward simple flicks on the finger as opposed to sports that required training, practice and hard work to succeed. Even our jobs today are instantly gratifying. People make fortunes on Youtube and websites without breaking a sweat. In the old days a farmer worked season after season just to feed his family and keep his farm going.

It’s no wonder you can’t motivate yourself to go to the gym, do some pushups, get out for a jog or even get to martial arts class. Our society is doing everything it can to make sure hard work and the accomplishments that come from it are not something you are familiar with. Students in school today make fun of the kids who strive to get great grades. Co-workers frown on those who work harder, making them look bad. Obesity and diabetes are some of our primary health concerns. The problem isn’t portions of food, lack of exercise or even your own lack of motivation. It is your own subconscious view of yourself.

The reality is that people don’t like themselves or something about themselves, and so on a subconscious level they feel like they don’t deserve to be happy, successful or talented. It’s not conscious; it’s buried deep within us. You can see it happen every day, as people start to become successful, something happens and they sabotage it. It may seem like bad luck or an accident but it is often our subconscious getting in the way. A straight “A” student forgets to study for an exam, or slacks off and doesn’t complete a project. A great employee will suddenly start having sick days and performing less than their previous levels of hard work. Students in martial arts will miss classes, fall behind and maybe just stop trying. It’s subconscious Self Sabotage.

We all deserve success but it begins with one very important person. Ourselves. We have to be able to over-ride those feelings of inadequacy and self loathing. We have to reach deep inside and make ourselves believe that we are valuable, important and worthwhile and that we deserve the greatness that we know we can achieve. Our drive and motivation shouldn’t be focused on getting to the gym, eating less, working harder or getting to martial arts class. Instead it should be focused on making our subconscious believe we deserve greatness. Do this one thing, and the rest is easy.

Here, I’ll help. As your instructor, friend or friend of a friend, I think you are pretty awesome. Know that I’m not alone in thinking you are a talented and capable person. There are many out there who admire and respect you. Please don’t disrespect my views and the views of these others and think otherwise. We know what we are talking about, you are fantastic and deserve to be successful. I think you have a limitless potential for greatness which is enviable. See this within yourself and do something with it, like getting to the gym, eating the right things and getting to Martial Arts Class. Make something great of your life, don’t just watch it pass by.

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