Parent Lesson of the Week 9/6/2016

Ancient Ways Parenting Tip of the Week
How much respect would you have for a boss or a fellow employee who lost control and yelled all the time? Probably not much. You might tip-toe around them, but not out of respect. Parenting is like being a boss. Keep your cool and earn your child's respect. Set goals and consequences but more than anything, celebrate the successes and the depth of astonishing potential that is your child.

"What far too many leaders (parents) do not understand is that an attitude of criticism, condemnation and cynicism throws the kill switch in the human spirit. Instead of turning people on, such communication shuts them down. Some people never recover. Harsh words and a condemning spirit can so injure a sensitive soul that they never regain their self-confidence. This is particularly true of children. A single word can be devastating!" ~ excerpt from 'People First' by Jack Lannom


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