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Student Lesson of the Week
How Badly Do You Want To Succeed?
When I first came back to teaching full time in 2004, I had a great business mentor, I still rely on his genius frequently today. In one of my first conversations with him, he asked, “How late do you stay after classes are over to call leads and try to book intro classes?” I told him I thought it was bad manners to call after 9:00 PM. He replied, “Would you do it if someone held a gun to your head?” My first thought was about how to disarm anyone doing that, but I played along, “Of course,” I said.

“Would you do it after 10 PM or after 11 PM if someone held a gun to your head,” he continued. I said I would and then he elaborated. “Most people don’t succeed. Even with good advice.” You have got to follow my advice as if someone is holding a gun to the head of your business and do it no matter what.”

Following his advice, my school grew from 80 students to 250 in just a little over a year. It was hard work, but worth it because that gun is never going off now, provided I keep working hard and keep following his advice.

Now, you may ask what this has to do with you. When you throw a kick or punch in class, are you throwing it like your life depends upon its power and speed? Or are you throwing it just because we tell you to do so? If during your practice, you put the level of importance on it that it needs to succeed in the real world, then you are going to improve beyond your wildest dreams and that power will be there when you need it. If you slop your way softly through your technique, then the odds are you will not have good enough technique or enough power, or the required speed to defend yourself. Treat every technique in practice as if your life depends upon it, because it just might.

Now, let’s take this lesson from the Dojo to the world. You have dreams and goals and if you don’t give them the right level of importance, you won’t achieve them. Success is not assured because you know what to do, it is only assured if you do it. Do you know what to do to succeed? if not, get a mentor like I did and don’t just assume you “know it all” like I did when I was younger. I always think it’s funny when a young person says something like “All you baby boomers think you know it all.” 
A. I’m not a boomer, wrong generation. 
B. The more I learn, the more I learn that I know nothing, but I guarantee this, little Millennial, I know more than you. I’ve been where you are and thought like you did, I was wrong and you are a hilarious reminder to me.

Get a mentor who ‘is where you want to be and was once where you are.’ Listen to their advice and act upon it like a gun is to your head. This level of commitment is the only way to achieve greatness, with punches, kicks, graduate school, relationships, careers and business ownership. Those who succeed over the expectations of others do so because they are willing to do what others are unwilling to do.

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