What Your Child Needs To Succeed

What Your Child Needs To Succeed

Your child is smart. 
I had one mom tell me her kid has a hard time learning in school and she was upset that he couldn’t memorize his multiplication. When I spoke to the child, he could tell me everything there is to know about Pokemon. He was very smart, just about the things that were important to him, but he was lacking something else.

Your child has great focus. 
I had a mom tell me her son was unfocused and couldn’t concentrate in school. “Does he play any video games?” I asked. 
“Oh yes,” his mom said, “Do you think that’s the problem? Perhaps he plays them too much and it’s interfering with his focus.”
“He probably does play them too much,” I replied, “but let me ask you this, when he is playing those games, does he focus on the games pretty well?”
“Oh yes, I have to talk to him several times just to get him to hear me when he is playing a game like that.”
“Well then,” I said knowingly, “his focus is great, it’s just not on the things it should be on. He focuses just fine, just not on important things, or things we think are important but he is lacking something else.”

Your child knows right from wrong.
One mom was sent to me by the school counselor. The child was constantly getting into trouble at home and at school. “It’s like he doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong,” they both had said to me.
I asked the boy, “Did you know that pulling the chair out from underneath the other kid was going to get you in trouble?” 
“Sure,” he said.
“Why did you do it then?” I asked.
“I thought it would be funny and I wanted to make everyone laugh,” he said. “but then I felt bad because the other kid really got hurt when he went to sit down and his chair was gone.”
“But this isn’t the first time you’ve done something like this,” I said. “Why do you keep doing things you know are going to get you in trouble and that you are going to feel bad about?”
“I don’t know,” he said sincerely. “It’s like I know I’m going to get in trouble, but I do it anyway.”
He knows right from wrong, he is just desperate for attention and is lacking something else.

It’s like all of us. We are smart, we are creative, we are desperate to be successful, more fit and happier in our lives. We all know what it takes to do all of these things but we are weak in the one thing it takes...Discipline. I’m not talking about punishment, I’m talking about the ability to make ourselves do the things we need to do or stop doing the things we shouldn’t do.

Self Discipline. It happens in martial arts because students know they have to repetitively drill. They have to make themselves do the repetitions. If they do the repetitions then they will get their next rank. That reward, their next belt goes a long way to motivate, but it’s more than that. They see themselves getting better, doing things they didn’t think they would ever be able to do. Through these successes they are going to get positive attention and praise for their accomplishments. Along with that comes a feeling of purpose and an increase in their confidence.

They learn how to apply their mind towards things other than just what interests them, like pokemon

They learn that the focus they had on their video games can be applied to anything, even things that aren’t always easy or fun.

They learn that they can get positive attention and a sense of power from doing good things, not acting out for attention. They learn to control those impulses just like they learn to control their kicks and punches in class.

They learn Self Discipline.

They have everything they need to be successful, but everyone could benefit from more self discipline. Martial Arts does that.

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