Self Discipline

 in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy

I remember being a teenager in Taekwondo, and an instructor asked several of us to practice our form (Called a Kata in Japanese or a Poomse in Korean. It’s a pattern of movements to help ingrain our training into our long term muscle memory). There were two other boys at the same belt rank and we were to do it together. We went through the form a couple of times and then the other boys decided to stare out the window, chat together and watch some of the other students. I was the only one who continued doing the form, but they would jump in and act like they were doing the form if the instructor looked over at us. I bet I ended up practicing the form close to a hundred times that day. This was just one of many instances where I found myself practicing alone. When the instructor finally called us over, I knew I had improved dramatically. I was also dripping sweat, super pumped and energized because I had gotten stronger and faster. Months passed and I finally tested for my Black Belt. Those two boys were actually supposed to test too, but they weren’t ready. I think they could probably have done the forms ok, but our Grandmaster knew they didn’t have the proper self discipline to really be considered Black Belts.

There are smart, talented and highly educated people in this world who are not successful. There are under-educated, low IQ people who have no natural talent that are super successful. Having an education is fantastic, Being smart is great, having natural talent is amazing, but without discipline, none of that will help. Developing Self Discipline is one of those secret amazing benefits that Martial Arts training can give you or your child. We do so many things to insure our child’s or even our own success, why not earn a Black Belt and become more disciplined as well. No one ever regrets it.


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