Critical Praise

Critical Praise As parents, teachers, instructors, and coaches, we aren’t here to make their lives easier, we are here to give them the strength, resiliency, and tools to make their own lives easier. Unfortunately, it is a parent’s instinct to do things for their children, to make sure they want for nothing, but we do […]

Summer Camp 2023

Our Camp sells out most years, get in early not only to get your spot but to get the best price.  Early Bird Special #2 ends on May 1st, 2023 Click the ad below to register. Click here to learn more and register

Why is My Kid So Hard on Themselves

Why is My Kid so Hard on Themselves I’ve met very few people who can look at themselves and are 100% happy with what they see and who they are. The ones who have, I have either doubted they were being truthful, or I was alarmed at their narcissism. That’s called hubris, and it is […]


Commitment Sometimes we get parents who aren’t sure they want to sign their child up because they don’t want to make a commitment. Our Lil’ Dragons program is a 6 month commitment. I had one mother hesitant to sign up, even though they loved the program because of the commitment.  Here is what I wrote […]

Upcoming Event

Upcoming event, Bring a Buddy, Break a Board Night! There are so many people out there who could benefit from training at Ancient Ways. We all can benefit from the confidence, self-discipline, perseverance, better fitness and the ability to defend our life if needed. Many are too nervous to even start. They may even be […]

Stop Being Nomadic

Once upon a time, all our ancestors were migratory nomads. Live was very difficult. They traveled from place to place, following the herds of animals, hunting food, scavenging and gathering wild things to eat. It took a long time for them to learn that staying in one place and farming the land and herding their own […]

Black Belt Burnout

When I first started to search for articles other martial arts instructors may have written on what we refer to in the industry as Black Belt Malaise, I was surprised to find few, and none who offered a valid remedy for this particular malady. Black Belt Malaise refers to the feelings of “I just don’t want […]

Events at Ancient Ways

Below is our projected Holiday Schedule of Events and our abridged schedule for that week between Christmas and New Years.  Let us know if you want to, or need to take advantage of our Holiday Camp from the 23rd of December through until the 9th of January.