For those of you who do not know me, I am Shihan Phil Penticost. I own the Victory Martial arts schools in Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Riverview and one of my Black Belts runs a school in Chiefland. I was a White Belt for Master Brown once upon a time. I became one of his Black Belts, one of his employees and his friend. We worked together for many years and I’ve had the pleasure of watching him not just guide me and my generation of martial artists in his school, but I’ve watched him learn and grow as well. Many of you may remember even further back, when he was just a very young man, trying to run his school and giving it everything he had.

Today, after nearly 20 years, he is finally accepting a long overdue promotion. At this level, a martial artist isn’t tested as much by their physical skills, but instead by their impact. But he is being tested today. Every time one of Master Boon Brown’s students’ tests, he is being tested, just like today. Over the past 40 years, every time he made a change or improvement to the curriculum, it was a test for him. Every time he trains a new instructor, and they begin to share his material, he is being tested. Every stage of growth of his school, of the schools that have spun off from his system, he is being tested.

He crafted this system. My instructors teach a version of it in my 4 schools. He currently has tested nearly 200 people to Black Belt including myself and my daughter. I personally have tested 56 to their Black Belt using his curriculum with some adaptations.

He is recognized throughout the community of Manatee county as a positive influence in the schools and with area businesses.  He is known throughout the martial arts industry worldwide as a leader, although an often rebellious one, as a voice of wisdom and insight and as a brother and friend. His impact is more than he realizes, on me, on many of you and on his family and friends.

I would like to recognition a number of his accomplishments…

  • For the founding of the Kodo Taijutsu system, crafting it from the early 1980’s until today, adapting it and adjusting it to meet the needs of his students, instructors and community.
  • Providing the system freely for many affiliate schools and instructors.
  • Designing the Adaptive Forms System, something never done in any martial art system.
  • Crafting each and every one of the forms used in Kodo Taijutsu, including 16 empty hand forms. And over 20 weapons forms.
  • Applying a true-life measurement to all techniques to ensure his students have a real sense of confidence and not a false one built on impractical techniques.
  • He founded methods to prepare his students for the psychological aspects of real self defense.
  • Obtained a teaching degree to better understand the methods of education and serve his students.
  • Obtained a Master’s degree in Recreational Therapy to better provide the often necessary therapeutic needs of his students.
  • Devoted 40 years so far to the martial arts, his students and this community.
  • Grew his school to be one of the top 2% martial arts schools in North America.
  • Promoted hundreds of people to Black Belt rank and many to multiple degrees including Master Level.
  • Served his community by teaching in the school systems, in area businesses and in public places.
  • Maintained the ethics of martial arts as the driving core of Kodo Taijutsu, leading by example by living a life free of negative influences, such as tobacco, drinking, vulgarity and toxic people.
  • Founding and encouraging the Kodo Taijutsu code of Integrity, Honor, Valor, Justice, Compassion, Sacrifice, Spirituality and Humility

John Annabel, who could not be here, and myself are honored with the task of recognizing him as Shodai-Soke. This title bestows upon him recognition as the absolute founder and head of the system of Kodo Taijutsu. We may instead use the Japanese title of Hanshi, it’s just easier, or the English version of Grandmaster.

Congratulations Grandmaster Boon Brown