Kid's ABC's of Success Seminar

 in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy

Ancient Ways Martial Arts offers the ABC’s of Success Seminar every year. it is a free community event primarily geared towards Manatee County Elementary School students.

The seminar will teach the kids about the specific tools needed to succeed and how to overcome life’s obstacles. The class will culminate with your child breaking a real (but easily broken) board as a way to represent their ability to break past the obstacles that are in their way to succeed. This is a very high energy, motivating class to help get your child on the right course to make this their best school year ever, and hopefully give them tools that will stay with them the rest of their lives.

The class is offered next Friday night (August 17th from 7 until 8 PM). If you can’t make the seminar, call and let us know. We will probably do a third one since so many people registered. (941) 756-0800. We ended up doing 4 of them last year there were so many people excited about the class.

You can call and register or register online here:

We look forward to seeing you. We are located at 5566 Cortez Rd. W., in the Cortez Commons Plaza, kind of across from Walmart, next door to YouFit. Call (941) 756-0800 if you have any questions.

See you soon,
Master Boon Brown

P.S. For those of you asking about our martial arts program, this event is going to focus on motivating the kids and making sure they get this valuable training, but after the class, we will be glad to speak to you about our programs.

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