What’s Different About Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy

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What’s Different About Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy

Have you been to a different Martial Arts School and found it less than satisfactory?

We can’t tell you about other schools or how they do things. We can tell you about us, and how we do things. If you had a bad experience somewhere else, it might be worth trying out our program. Don’t let one bad experience hinder you from training in great martial arts.

  • We are all ProMAC (Professional Martial Arts College) Certified instructors.

  • We are CPR and First Aid certified.

  • Most of our instructors have trained internationally.

  • This is our career, not a job, you and your family deserve that.

  • As well as having Black Belts in multiple styles of Martial Arts, our Chief Instructor has a degree in Education and a Master’s in Recreational Therapy. It DOES make a difference.

  • Our chief instructor worked in a psychiatric hospital where he had hundreds of real life hand-to-hand altercations. What he teaches isn’t based on theory like most schools, or competition, which we know isn’t real - with it’s rules, referee, safety equipment and consensuality. What he teaches is based on reality.

  • Being a reality based martial arts school, the students are building REAL self defense skills and a true confidence, not a false sense of confidence.

  • Our main location is a 7000 square feet, state of the art facility with pro-shop, a cafe and FREE professional masseuse for the parents.

  • Our programs are structured and organized. There is no chaos here. Is there fun? you bet, but not at the expense of respect, structure and safety.

  • Our ranking system is a reward system built specifically to motivate, encourage and develop proper skills and proper behavior.

  • Students are required to test and pass to their belt levels, and not everyone passes, especially in the higher belt ranks. This teaches proper work ethics and builds a tolerance to frustration and delayed gratification.

  • We are a licensed HYPER School. HYPER is an acrobatic and gymnastic specialty martial arts class that raises the bar and helps students accomplish their dreams. Check out www.hypermartialarts.com to see what that’s all about.

  • Our instructors teach lessons. Now most schools teach life skills, but we tell stories that are age appropriate and help to illustrate how to apply the martial arts mindset to our day-to-day lives. These stories have been collected and in many cases written by our chief instructor. They are most people’s favorite part of their training and something he is known for.

  • Master Brown has been teaching in Manatee County for over 30 years. This is his home and his community. He cares about his students. We work every day to train students to be the best they can be.

  • We offer classes 6 days per week and we even have morning classes during the week. We serve our students and offer classes at times convenient to them.

  • Our preschool and kids classes are an age based curriculum designed by a child development specialist.

  • Our adult and teen classes are taught in an open and friendly manner so no one feels like they are being spoken-down-to.

We have to warn you though, we don’t accept students who are actively enrolled in another school. It is dishonorable to take another school’s students. They might do it, but our honor is not for sale. If you have concluded your relationship with your current instructor, then we welcome you.

If you have had a bad experience at another school, or it just wasn’t a good fit, or you’ve always wondered what the fascination is with martial arts training, take advantage of our current trial offer. $19.95 gets you 1 Private Lesson, 1 Group Class and an official uniform.

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