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  •  in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy - Belt Rank Graduation

    Belt Rank Graduation

    Wow, have I been slacking. We're pretty sure everyone knows, but in case you missed it, this is our Graduation Week. Thursday, June 7th Beginners at 5 PM Intermediates at 6:30 PM 11:00 AM Morning class is normal time 3:45 all rank class is normal time, 4:30 Wee Warrior class is normal time. All other classes on Thursday are preempted by Graduation Friday, June 8th Advanced Students at 5 PM Red Seniors at 6:30 PM 4:30 PM Wee Warrior Class is normal time All other classes on Friday are preempted by Graduation Make up Graduation is Wednesday, June 13th at 7:15 PM Saturday classes are NORMAL schedule with NEW Semester Material! Saturday June 9th 1:00 ....

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  •  in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy - Guaranteed Black Belt

    Guaranteed Black Belt

    Parents, do you want a guarantee that your kid will earn a Black Belt and learn perseverance along the way? Perseverance by the way, is the one thing all successful people claim is required to really make it in life, over talent, education and luck. Want this for your child? Then read on... In my observations of teaching for the past 35 years, I can say I’ve seen the different levels and types of parent and family support and how each works. It boils down to about 4 different levels. Level One is when a student has a parent training with them. When the parent trains too, there is a 100% guarantee that child will make Black Belt. When their support team puts that level of ....

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  •  in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy - Climbing Everest

    Climbing Everest

    I have a friend who climbed Mount Everest. When I first met him, I told him I was really impressed and that it must have been an amazing experience. I told him that I could only imagine that it must be an incredible view from the top of the world. He said,” Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing, and looking back, I’m glad I did it, but at the time I was so intent on just not dying, that I didn’t really have time to appreciate it. At the time, I hated every moment of it and just focused on making one more step. And to be honest, every single step, I was just fighting not to give up and quit.” He spoke about all the people who helped him get to the top. ....

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  •  in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy - The Easy Way to Be Successful Isn't Easy

    The Easy Way to Be Successful Isn't Easy

    Do you know someone who maybe has a great education, perhaps they are naturally gifted, talented or charming, perhaps they have an amazing skill, but they still aren’t successful? Yeah, we all know those people. They have a million excuses for why they aren’t successful, but they seldom blame who they see in the mirror. Do you know someone who appears to have no natural talents, is perhaps not the most educated person, seems to struggle with everything, but is still super successful? Yeah, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Charles Schwab all come to mind. All were mediocre students, some with learning struggles and Branson was even kicked out of school. Did they just get ....

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    BIG NEWS! This Summer we will have TWO members of Team Paul Mitchell Karate Team and HYPER Pros here at Ancient Ways to teach a one day seminar. You can check them out online... Danny Etkin
    And… Aiden Considine
    Both are World Champions and are honored to be members of John Paul Mitchel Pro Karate Team. Danny is a Hyper Professional who teaches Chux, Double Chux and tricking. Aidan is known for his Weapons and Tricking as well and he played Alex in the movie, Underdog Kids. They will be here Friday, July 13 th for a FOUR HOUR seminar and will offer Private Lessons too! The cost of the seminar has yet to be decided but go ahead and plan your ....

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  • Q and A

    Q: Why do you post so many pictures of students clearing their minds before class? Why not more pictures of students in class? A: This is the one moment in each class where the instructors aren't busy teaching our awesome students! Things get busy. Q: What do you teach? A: We teach PEOPLE. Q: Ok smarty pants, what's the real answer? A: We teach a blend of different styles so that students aren't limited to just one method of self-defense. We develop confidence based on learning realistic skills, self-discipline to control mind, body and actions, laser like focus to accomplish more, athleticism to stay healthy for all our lives, structure to set and achieve goals beyond ....

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  • How We Teach Focus

    How does Martial Arts Training at Ancient Ways teach kids to focus? Check this video: ....

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