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  • Parent, be strong for them.

    Parents! How do you keep your kids coming? Even a toy they begged you for, and loved at first, gets old in time. Martial Arts Training is not a toy, or just an amusing pastime, it's more than that, but they are still going to face the struggle and will need you to help them get to class. Here is my story.: ....

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  •  in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy - April 6th PNO

    April 6th PNO

    Parents, drop off the kids at 7, pick them up at 10, meanwhile you have time for dinner and a movie. $25 Cheaper than a babysitter. They can bring a friend for free, all additional friends are half price. The kids will be in our safe and clean facility with caring and certified staff. They will learn the history of Japanese thrown weaponry and use paper craft to make their own throwing stars. We will also use suction cup stars to give them the opportunity to learn how to throw stars like a real ninja. Call (941) 756-0800 for more information ....

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  •  in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy - What makes your school better?

    What makes your school better?

    What makes your school better? Oh my, I dislike this question and it comes up way too much. On top of that, way too many school owners will cave to this and start slinging mud about their competitors, proving that they lack the humility and modesty that all martial artists are supposed to have. I know only what I hear second and third hand about my competitors. Occasionally I’ll share a lunch or breakfast with one or two of them, but it’s rare. When we do, it’s all polite, laughing about the kids and the problem parents and for the most part, very friendly. I will say that one instructor said to me years ago, “I heard you said that your school was better ....

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  • Becoming an anything

    Becoming an expert I often do school talks with young people. One of the talks I like to guide is designed to help students develop a stronger work ethic and some self determination. I usually guide these talks by asking the kids questions, “How many of you would like to become an expert at a particular thing, like a sport, or musical instrument or a particular branch of science?” Most kids, picturing themselves as future athletes, will raise their hands. I continue, “If you want to become an expert at something, like martial artists who become Black Belts, there are two secrets to getting there that you may not know. I can tell you the secrets, but ....

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  •  in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy - How do we build confidence??

    How do we build confidence??

    We constantly tell people that we develop confidence in our students, but what does that mean and how exactly do we do that? To be honest, of all the benefits martial arts training can give, I feel like this is the one that impacts people the most. Everyone could stand to be more confident, and sometimes low confidence doesn’t appear like low confidence, sometimes it seems like it’s the opposite. Sure, some parents notice their kids are shy and don’t make friends easily. Some notice that in group activities, the child doesn’t participate or may hang “with the pack” instead of trying to stand out. I’ve had a few tell me their kids do ....

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  •  in Bradenton - Ancient Ways Martial Arts Academy - Are Martial Artists are Odd?

    Are Martial Artists are Odd?

    We, as martial artists, often make the mistake of assuming everyone sees things the way we do. Try to understand, we see the world through Black Belt eyes. Because of that, we tend to think everyone “gets us.” We think everyone understands all about martial arts, forgetting that it’s a different culture, and a different world than the “normal” world. It’s more than just knowing how belt tests work, tip testing, how to practice and train and how things are done, “In the dojo.” It’s more than understanding all the complicated martial arts etiquette and manners. We understand the work ethic required to accomplish what we want, how to ....

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